Durham E-1 was dispatched at 0130 this morning to a reported dumpster fire. Upon their arrival they noted a large trash can on fire that had also set the adjacent occupied house on fire. Heavy fire was showing from the side of the house. The fire also ignited power lines from the house back to the pole. E-1 requested the box be filled out for the structure fire. E-2, E-9, L-1, L-2, SQ-1, FD-5, MSU-1, Batt. 2, and the safety officer filled out the box. The fire was quickly contained, and damage was held to the exterior wall of the structure with some damage to the interior of the house. E-1, L-1, and SQ-1 remained on scene for an hour overhauling the structure.

***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***