A fire in a occupied storefront with a apartment over hampered firefighters early this morning. A light smoke condition was reported by the first arriving Battalion 3. As companies tried to gain access to the first floor commercial they were hit with heavy smoke condition and intense heat. Companies started streaching lines and venting the building so they could make an entry. Ladder Co. 2 raised there aerial and vented the roof as ladder Co. 3 vented the second floor. A rear entry was found and companies pushed in to try and knock down the fire as companies in the front had to cut store security grates to gain access. First alarm coampaines included Engines 8, 7, 4, 6 Ladders 2 and 3 Battalion 3 and Deputy 1 and Arson 68. The fire was declared under control in about one hour as investigators sifted through the rubble.

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