Halifax, NS - A fire in a apartment unit around the supper hour on Sept 14,
forced several dozen of residents to escape the building with very little
notice. The building manager had to go to every unit and knock on the door to
tell people to leave, several tennants had inform firefighters that the alarm
system did not work when they pulled on the alarm boxes in the building. The
fire started on the fourth floor of the building and contiued into the
hallway before the firefighters extingushed the blaze. Fire was seen blowing
out through the roof and all the entire apt unit. One woman had to rescued
from the top floor by an arieal ladder, and several others attempted to enter
the burning building to retrieve thier pets, they were stopped by police
officers. Nearly 30 firefighters from 6 stations were called to the Towerview
Dr. in the Spryfield area of Halifax, several volunteer units were called to
cover off at other stations.
Investigators were at the scene all night and Friday, no cause of the fire
has yet been determined.

Submitted by; Lieut. Robert Andrews ( Vol.)
Halifax Regional Fire / Emergency