District 1

Media Contact:
District Fire Chief Stephen Kluesener 352-2311
Date: 09/14/00
Time: 07:00 p.m.

Good evening,

This is Cincinnati Fire Division's District Chief Stephen J. Kluesener
reporting on a one alarm fire that occurred at Cinergy Field during the
Cincinnati Reds' game. The fire happened at 7:00 p.m. on 9/14/00; it started
in a concession stand on the Plaza Level. Two large cases of cardboard food
trays were placed on top of a convection oven; heat from the oven ignited
the boxes.

A member of the Division, Captain Joseph Wolf, was working a detail at the
stadium when the fire occurred. Captain Wolf saw the smoke on the Plaza
Level and responded to the location of the fire. With the use of five
portable fire extinguishers, Captain Wolf was able to control the fire until
fire companies arrived and accomplished final extinguishment of it. Fire
companies were on the scene for 45 minutes removing smoke, and cleaning up
the debris.

There were no injuries to civilian or fire fighters. Damage is estimated to
be $3,000,00.