charlotte nc first working fire at 6021 the plaza. 6 unit strip mall 50x200 fire in two stores. quick venting held fire to stores of orgin. box alarm engines 23,7,17 ladder23,bn 4 w/f engine 27,rescue 3second fire 6500 plaza lane off 7500 the plaza 1 story single family house f/i on arrival. house has 705 damage. all hands working.engines 23,15,22,ladder23 w/f engine 64 rescue 3 bn4,1.third fire 528 tyvola road .1 story 100x100 resturant heavy smoke and fire showing. box alarm engines 12,20,ladder 16 bn5 w/f engine 16 ladder 2 rescue 10.
heavy traffic on tyvola due to rush hour. some heavy rain at times from toripicl storm gordon