Sunday September 17th 2000 approx 07:30. I was seriously injured in an MVA. I broke three vertebrae (C-2, C-5, C-7). My heartfelt thanks goes out to the Middle Island FD (Long Island, NY) for the professional manner in which they handled the call. If they hadn't done everything by the book and if the receiving hospital hadn't done the right thing and transferred me to the Regional Trauma Center, I might not be here. The doctor said if my C-2 had broken in any different direction, I would have been dead (due to it being the area of the nervous system that controls the respiratory system). I am amazed that I have no paralysis from this. I face a long recovery and don't know when or if I'll be back in active service. I just want to thank the boys (and girls) in MIFD for being there and doing their usual professional job. I am out of the hospital, but house bound. Thank God I have a loving wife that is taking excellent care of me (and the kids). I will be a little more active on the forums now as my laptop is my only contact to the fire service right now.I will copy this to the firefighter's forum so that everyone can know what a good job they did.