On september 23, 2000 at 2238 hrs. the Chestertiwn Volunteer Fire Company responded to a report of a building fire in the main dining hall of Washington College in Chestertown, Md. Original call was from a Dept. of Public Safety officer who is also a Chestertown FF who advised of smoke coming from an office located in the student activites center in the basement of the building. A student dance was being held in the center at the time of the fire.Upon arrival of the Chief of Department a condition of light smoke showing from a 200 by 400 multi story brick institutional building was given. College Officers had evacuated the building and performed a quick search with negative results. Command requested an additional 2 engines to the scene. Upon the arrival of the first engine an attack line was advanced and the first in crew encountered heavy black smoke. Locating the source of the fire, became difficult as there were numerous offices located along the sides of the open room area. Zero visibilty, and tables that had been placed along the wall slowed firefighters efforts. At approx. 2255 hrs. a second alarm was struck as the entire building filled with smoke and the interior crew located the seat of the fire but reported possible extension into the walls. Truck and Rescue crews started ventilation operations as the additional engine crews stretched additional lines. Second alarm companies releived first in crews, and completed mop up ventilation and lighting. Two firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation, and one firefighter treated for an ankle injury. The situation was placed under control at 2353 hrs. with extensive ventialation and salvage operations. Units cleared at 0215 hrs.
Companies responding
Chestertown VFD: car 6, Command 6, Engine 6-4, Engine 6-7, Engine 6-8, Truck 6, Rescue 6
Kennedyville VFD: Engine 4-6
Church Hill VFD: Engine 51
Rock Hall VFD: Engine 7-3 Truck 7
Betterton VFD: Engine 5-3
Crumpton VFD: Engine 72
Centreville VFD: Engine 41
Kent and Queen Annes Rescue Squad Amb. 8, Amb. 8-1, Special Ops Trailer 8
Kent Co. EMS PM-12
Transfers: Millington VFD Engine standby Chestertown, Centreville VFD Truck standby Chestertown, Galena VFD Engine stanby Rock Hall.
Also Fire Marshals Office, and Dept. of Enviromental Health

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