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    bill s
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    Post 4 firefighters hurt enroute to call

    charlotte nc
    4 charlotte firefighters from engine 17 were hurt today while responding to a call. the accident is still under investigation at this time. police are saying a vehicle failed to yeild to the engine at the intersection of west blvd and the billy graham parkway. three firefighters were treated at the scene,one taken to the hospital for observation. all were belted in . all local news stations doing stories on drivers not yeilding to emergency vehicles in charlotte (huge problem)

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    I hope that the one taken is ok and that there is no delayed effect from this event for any of them.

    Here in TN. we ask for the right away it is not a given, I always ask myself when in the 33 traffic vehicle this; "what if the ones holding us up are family of the ones we are responding to? will they ask us why it took so long to get there?" and then I ask this; " can they not see and hear us? or do they just don't care?"

    God bless us all,
    on every call.

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