On Sunday, October 01, 2000, at 17:14 Hours (5:14 PDT), four Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters including an LAFD Urban Search and Rescue Team, one LAFD Rescue Ambulance and one EMS District Captain, all under the direction of Battalion Commander Andy Fox, responded to a Physical Rescue Elevator Entrapment at 238 North Mariposa Avenue in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles. The first Company to arrive on scene at the three-story center hallway apartment building, reported a twelve year-old male trapped in the narrow void between the entry threshold and mechanical elevator car on the uppermost floor. The boy, a resident of the 82 year-old forty-unit apartment building, had his left leg firmly trapped, lacerated and angulated below the knee in a vise-like grip. The old-style elevator remained immobile with its exterior swinging door open, and the boy seated on the floor. Firefighters quickly secured the elevator car while Paramedics medically stabilized, sedated and offered comfort and reassurance to the youth. Utilizing power saws and heavy lift pneumatic cushions in an expeditious yet delicate fashion, the floor was breached and gap widened to free the boy in less than an hour. The child was transported to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in fair condition. There were no other injuries.