DATE/TIME: 100800/0930PDT
RELEASE: 00-131


An early Sunday morning fire in a northwest Las Vegas home, completely
gutted the garage and briefly trapped a 21-year old man in the smoke filled
house. The man was able to escape from a second story window with assistance
from firefighters. The cause of the fire is undetermined, careless smoking
could not be ruled out as the possible cause. The American Red Cross is
assisting four adults that live in the house.

Fire Dispatchers received multiple calls at 5:24AM, that a house at 7216
CHESTERTON DRIVE (Smoke Ranch/Tenaya) was on fire. One caller said the
flames were coming over the brick wall into the neighboring yard. When
firefighters arrived on the scene, they found heavy flames coming out the
garage door and heavy thick smoke coming out all the windows of the 2-story
wood frame/stucco house. A 14-year-old girl that lives in the house told
firefighters that her brother was still inside. Firefighters put a ladder up
to a second story front window where the girl said her brother was, but as
they were climbing the ladder, the 21-year-old brother could be heard
screaming from a side window. He crawled out the window and lowered himself
to two firefighters on the ground. Both the brother and sister were treated
on scene by fire paramedics for smoke inhalation and released. Their mother
was not at home at the time of the fire. She and her live-in boyfriend were
out delivering Sunday papers when the fire occurred. The woman told Fire
Investigators that she left the house only a half hour earlier and everything
seemed fine. While delivering the papers, her daughter called her cellphone
and told her the house was on fire.

Fire Investigators determined that the fire started in the garage. In
addition to the usual things found in a garage, there were also 200-300
Sunday papers that were ready to be delivered. Investigators believe the
fire started in the stack of newspapers, which were in the middle of the
garage. Careless smoking could not be ruled out as the cause of the fire.
Both the woman and her boyfriend are smokers.

Damage is estimated at $50,000. The garage was completely gutted by the
fire. The rest of the house suffered heavy heat and smoke damage. None of
the other neighboring homes were damaged by the fire. Three pet dogs and a
cat were also rescued by firefighters. Another cat was still missing.
Two people were treated for smoke inhalation and released. The American Red
Cross is assisting the family with temporary housing and belongings.


E42,6,2, T6, R42,6, B4, S1, 6I2, PIO