On Sunday, October 22, 2000, the Citizens' Volunteer Fire Company of Fawn Grove, along with an ambulance from Delta, was alerted for a multi-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. A firefighter on the scene advised a corrected location to be New Park Road and Bridgeton Road, and advised that there were 2 vehicles and a motorcycle involved. Engine 56-2 arrived to find 2 vehicles that had impacted head-on and then struck a motorcycle. One driver was still confined in her vehicle. After upgrading to a rescue assignment, crews went to work.

Crews stabilized the sedan and made quick work of the driver's door. The patient was removed and transported to York Hospital along with the driver of the motorcycle. Both were suffering relatively minor injuries. Units operating: E56-2, B56, M56, A57. *Rescue Box*: E56-3, PSP.