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    Post Bayone NJ General Alarm Fire 10/22/00

    Bayonne Fire Dept fought a general fire that completly destroyed a 3 story frame(1st fl commercial,floors2&3 apts occupied)
    50X75 corner property at the northeast corner of 34th ST. and Broadway. This building was one of the older ones in the area.Companys were dispatch to the fire at 0338 hours,first arriving units found heavy fire in the basement,Car 42(north chief) transmitted the second alarm on his arrival, followed qiuckly with a special call for Truck(bringing all the depts 3 truck companys to the scene). Fire was starting to get hold of the rear the building threating the "C"exposures,(car garage and 2 sty frames)these houses have narrow alleys ,if any, all the way down the block.Chief of the dept tramsmitted the 3rd alarm as the 1st floor front lite up,this fire was quickly knock down but the fire was push back to the rear and the rear started to flareup.truck companys were order off the roof as the fire was started to take posession of the building.Protection of the exposures C &B(3 sty ord) was now the priority.Fire got in to the airshaft between the fire building and "B" exposure and started to extend into the 2nd &3rd floors.Then with out warning the rear of the building collapsed on the C and D corner with members trapped in the rear.With mutual aid from Jersey City already in Bayonne for cover and word of the collapse and members trapped 2nd Bat.chief Jersey City order Jersey City RESCUE1 to the Bayonne Fire& collapse,Along with the eng 13 and towerladder 4.Thankfully the trapped members in the rear were quickly pullout with minor injuries.Jerey City eventual sent an addional 1pumper(eng10) and truck(LD12) to the fire scene(a rare acurance in Bayonne for FDJC to work a job there).Eventually there was 2 more collapses( "D"side and"A"side, this one crushed a car and truck).The fires in the B exposure were contained and the C exposure recieved just minor exterior damage and by sunrise the building was a large pile of rumble,By 1800 hours what was once a pile of rumble was now a empty lot.

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    This was a good job as I was monitoring it from home (IB with Flu). The most tragic transmission to come over a fire radio other than death is hearing brother's trapped.I take my hat off to FDJC Battlion 2 for getting help to the scene as soon as he heard those feared words of "collaspe with firemen trapped.

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