At 19:45hours East Brooklyn Fire Department with automatic mutual aid from Mortlake Fire Company where dispatched to a reported garage fire on Day Street. This assignment brings 3 Engine-Tanks, 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, and several support vehicles.

Weather conditions where 45* F, Clear, with a steady 15mph wind out of the north. It's fall in New England and we haven't had rain in a week -- so the ground is covered with a thick layer of dry leaves. East Brooklyn officer arrived on scene at 17:46 found a fully involved garage with a rapidly extending woods fire. Mutual aid from Danielson for ET 161 and South Killingy ET 265 (2500gallons) was requested.

East Brooklyn ET 192 stretched 3 1-3/4 lines -- one to knock down the 10'x20' garage which was a complete loss; one to the middle of the woods fire; and a third which was eventually extended to 300' of 1-3/4 and 150' of 1-1/2" working to contain the fire. The initial EB crew deployed indian tanks immediately to slow the spread of the woods fire before lines could be stretched.

Mortlake ET 190 resupplied the ET 192; Mortlake ET 290 went down to River Farm Drive which runs parrallel to Day Street to attack the Charlie side of the fire, and Danielson ET 161 (?) went to the Delta (south) side of the fire. In the 15 minutes or so it took to contain the fire, nearly 3 acres where involved.

A tanker shuttle was run from a hydrant a little less than a mile away to resupply the units on scene. CAFS and Class A foam was used extensively during the overhaul. Mutual aid was released after 2 hours, and East Brooklyn cleared the scene at 23:00.