At 23:49 25-October-2000 Pomfret Fire Department with automatic aid from Williamsville and Woodstock was toned out for a fire at 5 Railroad Street, Guaranty Pest Control. The initial assignment brought 6 Engine-Tanks, 2 Engines, 1 Tower, and several support vehicles.

On arrival Pomfret found an circa 1905 Train Station, the original part being ordinary construction, with a large 2 story wood frame addition. The wood frame addition, about 1/2 of the total building, was fully involved. The total complex was about 200' long and 50' deep.

23:53 the 2nd Alarm was struck, bringing Dayville ET 163, ET 263, and Ladder 163; Putnam Ladder 178

23:59 Mortlake Ambulance was requested to the scene for standby.

00:01 3rd Alarm brought Hampton ET 112, 212; Eastford ET 171, ET 271; Mortlake ET 190 and Engine 190.

00:45 saw Bungay ET 275 special called.

Engine 190 laid a 3000' line to a water source, followed by Woodstock and Eastford laying a second 3000' line to the water hole. Laid lines where in operation around 00:30 hours, and along with a continuing shuttle supplied two ladder pipes to complete the knock down of the fire supplemented by the tankers.

By the end, about 2/3 of the building had been lost to the fire. This area comprised the offices of the pest control company. Aggressive handlines and finally Dayville's ladder pipe was used to blow the fire out of the attic above the other tenant, and their records where saved although with extensive water damage. Further, the fire was kept out of the pesticide storage room, with only minor water damage to several bags that where touching a wall water ran down.

After knockdown, Mortlake ET190 ran it's 1-3/4" line with Class A to the 2.5" intake of Tower 170. This mixed with the larger volume of water coming in on Tower 170's 4" intake and provided a low-concentration solution that coated the remains.

By 3 am mutual aid companies where repacking the laid lines and Pomfret was completing overhaul assisted by a small tanker shuttle for overhaul water. Pomfret remained on scene until 13:00.

Danielson to quarters, cover Dayville/Williamsville
Putnam moved up 1 Engine to cover Pomfret
Muddy Brook moved up 1 ET to cover Woodstock
Ashford moved up 1 ET to cover Eastford

The fire was ruled Arson by the Connecticut State Fire Marshal's Office, who are continuing their investigation.