charlotte nc. a number of working fires and mva have kept city and county units busy friday and saturday.the first working fire at 2:30 am on winsdor harbor drive engine 15 reported heavy fire 2 storty alarm engine 15,23,7,ladder 23 bt 3,w/f e 4 rescue3 i firefighter hurt cut by glass. second working fire 2205 roseland drive 2 story apartments heavy fire two rooms held to those rooms box alarm e 10,2, ladder2 w/f e 5 rescue10 bt2.county fire eastfield drive@ brown rd. 3 story condo under construction. some sort of propane leak. 2 buildings f/i on arrival. mallard creek,huntersville,newell,gileid,city e 31 ladder27,2 ladders.2 18 wheller s overturned closing I772I85 2 times in the same day