charlotte nc, the week ended on a busy note through today. a train accident on comsey dr at the csx rail yards left 2 tank cars overturned. both carrring haz mats. 30 homes had to be evacuated. crane brought in to right cars. no fire or injuries. long operation engine 21,25,33 ;adder13 haz mat 1,2 rescue 10,bt 3,2 car 17 15 2
2 alarm apartment fire 1205 lake mist lane 2 story wood apartments engine 12 reported smoke in the sky when leaving station. 1.5 miles away. on arrivla 2 units f/i running attic of 10 unit building. fire damaged 4 units.1st alarm engines 12,20,ladder 16 w/f engine 16 rescue 10,bt 5 2nd alarm engine 2,10,5 ladder26 bt3 engine 1 moved to 12.
working fire 2335 purser dr engine 15 with fire in single story house. fire controled quick. box engine 15 ,7 ladder 23 w/f ebgine 23,rescue3 bt2
working fire 8965 spring glen lane 2 story house fire in kitchen with some extention to other rooms engine 19 fast attack fire under control 15 min. box engines19,9,ladder24, w/f engine 14,rescue 3 bt4,5
mva/pin /fatal I 485 at brown grier rd i vehicle rool over 1 pinned in doa i transported to local hospital code 1 city engine 26,ladder26 steel creek vfd engine2,tanker4,rescue1