The Marlborough Fire Department responded to a reeport of a hazardous device at the Liberty Hill Elderly Housing at 240 Main Street. The Public Safety Dispatch Center received the 911 call at 12:54 from a woman working for a cleaning company. She had been cleaning in one of the apartments when she found a hand grenade .
Marlborough Police personnel went in and confirmed that it was an actual hand was unknown if it was live or not. A full 1st alarm assignement was detailed to the scene. On the side of caution, the building was evacuated with our personnel and the PD. The Massachusetts State Police Hazardous Devices Team was called out. They removed the grenade using a "frag bag" (it looks like a large soft sided's made of layers of Kevlar and steel mesh).

After the device was removed, the residents were allowed back into their apartments. It makes you wonder how many more of the World War 2 souveniers are collecting dust in someone's attic or basement?

Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
Captain Gonzo