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    Post 2nd alarm Hagerstown, Md

    Units were alerted at 0500 for an apt. fire in the building next to Truck 1's qtrs. Truck 1 had people ringing the doorbell and beating on the back door of the station. Truck 1 arrived on the scene with people hanging out the windows of a 3 story apartment building with a storefront on the first floor. Truck 1 placed the aerial in service at the front of the building. Truck 4 accessed the building from the rear and set several ground ladders in the alley. Capt 33 struck the 2nd alarm at 0511 for manpower to assist with the search and resuce efforts. Approximately 6 occupants were rescued from the building via ground ladders, aerials and fire escapes.
    1st alarm units were Engs,1 ,2,4 Trucks 1, 4 Capt 33 (shift commander). 2nd alrm brought Engs, 3, 5 Eng. co. 10 . Medic units from Co 75 and 26 were also on the scene. Fire Marshalls are still investigating this fire

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    A shift always has to clean up c shifts mess!!

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