Bayonne FD battled a 2 alarm fire at BOX 512(diagonally across from the GA fire on 10/22) at 0520 hrs. Fire was in a 3 story mixed frame with apartments on the #2&3 floors,1st floor was a balloon and novelty store,its address of 761 Broadway was attached on the "B &D" .On the fd's arrival heavy fire was venting out of the top floor windows. As the first line was being strench to the main first floor entrance a air conditioner broke loose from the third floor window directly above the entrance and crashed down on a firefighter.
Unknown on his condition at this time but was talking and moving when transported to hospital.
A quick knockdown was made of the fire on the top floor but fire did extend into cockloft of the fire building and exposure"d"
Firefighters had diffculty getting to the fire between the Fire building & "d" exposure which was running the wall but after some extensive overhaul fire was put under control