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    Post Durham NC Duplex Fire

    At approximately 0915 hours this morning one of the Durham Fire Department mechanics spotted smoke coming from a house while running errands. Upon investigation he found a wood frame duplex with heavy fire in the rear. E-1 (first due), E-9, E-2, L-1, L-2, SQ-1, Btn. 1, Mobile Support 1, and the on-duty safety officer responded. Multiple lines were stretched and heavy fire was found in the basement, and the rest of the duplex was heavily charged with smoke. Searches were negative and the fire was under control in twenty minutes. L-1 and SQ-1 were quickly released from the scene to responded to another house fire with reported flames visible. That call proved to be false.

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    Again, you have posted some incorrect information. E-2 didn't respond to the alarm on E. Club Blvd., E-7 did. Nor did
    L-1 leave the scene for the second house fire you mentioned.

    As for the terminology you use, don't confuse "first due" with "first to arrive." Circumstances arise that prevent the "first due" company from arriving first. Things like school buses that will not retract their crossing arm and stop sign, to allow a fire company to pass, once the children are safely on the bus. I do appreciate the effort in maintaining these type of postings, let's just make them as accurate as possible for those who read them.

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    Thank you for your correction. On the E. Club Blvd. fire, E-2 should have been third due, but E-7 responded third due instead. SQ-1 and L-2 (not L-1)cleared the fire to respond on the other possible structure fire on Hopkins Street. As for the fire on S. Miami Blvd, I try and check the RMS for clarification as to which units respond on the call to maintain accuracy. That day there were two structure fire calls within blocks of each other on S. Miami Blvd. Unfortunately, I read the RMS for the second structure fire call in which E-1 did respond and not E-9. Thank you for your corrections.

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