Working house fire approximately 11:15 a.m. on William Floyd Parkway South of Route 25.
P.D. reported occupants trapped. Mike Gianmugnai, Captain Company 3 first on scene with Engine 7 established Incident Command. James Chianese, Captain Company 1 took operations. Mutual aid from Rocky Point for a Ladder, Miller Place for R.I.T., Brookhaven National Lab for an engine, Shirley Community for an ALS amnbulance. Two children transported, 13 year old for smoke inhalation and a 10 year old for observation. 2 canine DOA's. Apparently there were candles lit in the house. The mother stepped out to the next door neighbors and then the fire started and she could not get back in for the kids. I will update with more information when I get it, the boys (and girls) have been busy, they just returned from another alarm and now have been activated for an MVA.

Be careful guys.

Reported 3rd party by Ex-Captain Ian Wood.