Cold weather (temperature in the low 20's at night) has keep the Durham firefighters busy. On 11/21/00 Durham Firefighters were dispatched to a possible structure fire in northern Durham city at 0952. Immediately after dispatch Durham 911 notified the responding battalion chief that Durham 911 had heavy smoke visible from their location in downtown Durham. The fire was over 5 miles away. Responding units could see heavy smoke after leaving their stations. First in county mutual aid Lebanon E-1 found a garage fully involved upon arrival. Multiple lines were stretched and the fire was knocked down in thirty minutes. Units remained on scene overhauling for two hours. The garage roof collapsed and the garage was a total loss. The fire is being investigated. The following units responded: Lebanon E-1, E-7, E-14, L-14, L-2, SQ-1, Btn. 1, FD-1 (Chief of Department), MS-1, safety officer, and Durham EMS.

Second working fire:
On 11/22/00 Durham Firefighters were dispatched to a possible working fire at 1806 hours. First in E-4 found a two story house with heavy smoke from the second floor. One room was heavily involved in fire, and the fire was quickly contained. The following units responded:
E-4, E-3, E-1, L-1, L-12, SQ-1, MS-1, Btn. 2.
The fire is being investigated.