Sunday was somewhat an eventful one. At 1602 hrs. companies were dispatched to a fire alarm activation at a westside rehab center, 3100 Erwin Rd. While enroute, the alarm was upgraded to a structure fire; a reported dryer on fire in the laundry. The first alarm assignment was filled. E-2 arrived to find smoke showing. Access to the fire room was made quickly and the fire extinguished. Smoke conditions were wide spread, due to the HVAC system and utility chases. Many occupants were evacuated and non-ambulatory patients were protected in place. First alarm assignment: E-2, E-11, E-10, L-2, L-1, Sq-2, Batt. 1, FD-5 and FD-20. Durham County EMS was called to the scene for medical assistance. Special called: E-5 and E-1. All special called units were cancelled prior to arrival.