charlotte nc. a number of working fires have kept the city units busy. 2nd alarm 301 st first union tower 46 story office tower fire on 12. held by sprinklers. major evacuations. smoke up to 20th alarm engines 4,1,ladder 1 bt1 w/f engine 5,rescue 10 2nd alarm engines 8,11,2,18 ladder2,1 bt 2,4
124 tyvola drive 2 story apartment engine12 first in top floor fire. normal first due units on call for truck fire on I 77 box engines 12,2,ladder 16 e 20 clearing enroute.w/f e16 rescue 3 bt5,4 2 units damaged 5 homeless
1325 mallard creek road 2 story house engine 22 on scene heavy fire through of four all out searchs e 22,28,ladder 27 bt 3 w/f e 27 rescue 10
5545 steubenville drive 2 story house e 27 first due fire up the front of the building started in light e 27,22,ladder 27 bt3 w/f e 31 rescue 3
code 1 aircraft problem plane dumped fuel landed on belly all 3 onboard ok all 6 cfr units and box alarm e 30,17,21 tanker 21,22 ladder3 rescue 10