charlotte nc, a few working fires have kept city fire crews busy, the first took place at 900 north tryon street. a number of calls from high rise buildings in the area reported a fire through the roof of a three story apartment building at 900 north tryon.this is 2 blocks fron station 4. engines4,1, ladder4 batt1 responded. on the first call,fire was upgraded to high rise box adding engine 8,5 ladder1 batt3 rescue 10.upon arrival a 2nd alarm was called and staged at 10th and tryon streets. all 2nd alarm units were held in staging. quick knockdown by first due units. fire in rooof area due to pipe work.
working fire with injuries.200 n. davidson 4 store taxpayer.heavy fire on arrival then gas explosion.2 sent to chapel hill with burns. building total loss ladder pipes up and working.flight service for transport.engines 2,1,4,8,ladder2,1, rescue 10 batt1,3,haz mat 1,2, car 17,15,28-pio
mva pin in idlewild road at margert wallace road.three vehicle mva to pinned in idlewild e 3 on rescue all taken to local hospitals no major injuries.
police car mva west blvd. at billy graham pky. mini van hot police car flipping van.1 dos officer in good condition.
mva mci west sugar creek at I85 10 people in van minor to major injuries all 10 transported 4 madic units engines 22,11,7 ladder27,rescue 10 batt3