CORRECTION... This was Camden County not Gloucester County.

At approx. 22:30 the reports of a single family dwelling well involved. Upon police arrival they reported heavy fire B & C divisions. Upon arrival of 29-10 reported working fire, all occupants evacuated. Three story wood frame single family dwelling. First alarm consisted of stations 29-1(Magnolia), 65-2(Magnolia Hts.), 27-2(Lawnside) and Tower 64-1(Stratford). Second alarm struck at OIC arrival which consited of stations 69-1(Hi-Nella) and Tower 9-1(Barrington). First arriving engine 29-11 laid a supply line in and 27-22 picked up the hydrant and the supply line. 29-11 went into service with one 1 3/4" and one 2 1/2" lines. Tower 64-14 set up in front of the dwelling. All man power was sent forward. In the second alarm Tower 9-14 also set up as the second tower opposite of 29-11. Station 8-2(Glendora) was special called for man power. Squads 29-5(Magnolia) was primary EMS and 64-5(Stratford) was second in EMS. Station 5700(County Fire Police) and County Canteen unit were also special called for scene assistance. Suppression was extremely difficult for the home was balloon constructed and was over 100 years old. The fire was running from floor to floor and from side to side in the dwelling. The home was very difficult to access with the towers for the amount of trees and high power lines in front of the dwelling. Till the fire was brought under control at approx. 00:30 they had four 1 3/4" and one 2 1/2" lines in service with crew opperating on all three floors and the roof of the dwelling. Extensive overhaul was requires searching for extension in the walls threwout the home. The numerous departments and personal worked vigorously to prevent as much property damage as possible. All the personal worked incredibley well together to get the job done and with no injuries reported, firefighter or civilian. Excellent job from all. They did run into a slight problem with water supply from the hydrant when a section of supply line broke. The problem was quickly fixed and the water supply was restored. And the end of the incident the county highway depatment had to be called to sand the road down for the cold tempretures was causing the roads to freeze.

David DeCant
New Jersey, USA
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