These incidents occurred in Reading over the past week.
----120300: At 1233 hours an still alarm was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire at 1551 N. 5th street. Units arrived at 1236 hours to find a minivan fully involved inside a stall of a 1 story carwash. With fire extending to the building, C-7 requested the box to be filled out at 1238 hours. Box 61, 5th and Pike streets was transmitted. Companies brought the fire under control with 2-1&3/4-inch lines,1 of them foam, at 1300 hours. The fire was accidental and caused $15,000 damage. No injuries were reported. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E9 & C-7. Box 61: E3,1,L3,R1,Medic4, C-5 and E5(safety company)
----120400: ***MVA pin job****. At 1519 hours a rescue assignment was dispacthed to Rt.12 EB in the area of the Schuylkill Avenue exit. Companies arrived at 1524 hours to find a 6 vehicle accident involving 2 tractor trailers and 1 person pinned in a car. Companies used the "jaws" to extricate the victim by 1533 hours. The female was taken to a local medical center for treatment of injuries. The highway was shut down for 2 hours while the wreckage was cleared. Companies assigned: E3,11,R1,Medic6, & C-7
----120500: ****Trench collapse rescue****. At 1510 hours a rescue assignment was dispatched for a reported trench collapse with entrapment in the rear of a dwelling at 732 N. 12th street. Companies arrived at 1514 hours to find a male buried to his waist in a dirt trench being excavated for a carport. At 1517 hours, C-1 requested the box to be struck for additional manpower to shore up the trench and dig the subject out. Box 612, 12th and Douglass streets was transmitted as personnel began digging the victim out. The victim was extricated at 1611 hours and transported to a local medical center for evaluation. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E9,L3,R1,Medic1, C-1 & 3. Box 612: E13 & 11.
----120600: At 1137 hours a still alarm was dispatched to an alarm system activation in a private dwelling at 1628 Mineral Spring road. Companies arrived at 1140 to find nothing showing from the 3 story M.O.R. dwelling. Companies began an investigation from the exterior while waiting for the homeowner to respond. After gaining entry, heavy smoke was discovered inside and the 1st alarm requested at 1155 hours. Box 236, 18th st.and Mineral Spring rd. was transmitted. Companies brought a fire involving a 2nd floor bedroom under control by 1205 hours with a 1&3/4-inch line. No injuries were reported in the fire which is still under investigation. A damage estimate was unavailable. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E13,L2, C-9. Box 236: E1,5,R1,Medic1, C-1 & 2, and E3(safety company).
----120800: At 1646 hours box 2122, the American Chain and Cable complex at 476 Tulpehocken street was transmitted after a police officer observed a large loom-up coming from the rear of the complex along River road. Companies arrived at 1649 hours to find an automobile and several 55 gallon drums of flammable liquid on fire. Companies shuttled water due to lack of hydrants on the complex and used 2-1&3/4-inch lines to bring the fire under control by 1700 hours. No injuries were reported and a damage estimate was unavailable. Officials have labeled the fire arson. Companies assigned: E3,11,1,5,L1,Sn1,R1,Medic6, C-1 & 3.

*******NOTE********* Effective January 1st, 2001 at 0800 hours, the City of Reading, Department of Fire & Rescue services will once again be the EMS provider for the city after a 13 year hiatus. The private provider who changed hands and names numerous times over the 13 years decided not to re-new its contract. The Fire department has created an EMS division and is finalizing the hiring of 28 paramedics to staff 3 full-time ALS units. A BLS/transport unit and 3 wheelchair vans will operate on a Monday through Friday daytime basis. All firefighters will be trained to the EMT level, with half the department having completed the course. Engine companies will be defibrilator equipped and respond as First Responder units on ALS calls. The takeover is expected to add an additional 10,000 emergency calls to the departments stats, of which about 2-4000 will require a first responder company response. Stay tuned!.