charlotte nc, a weekend of working and multi alarm fires kept charlotte area firefighters busy this past weekend. on friday evening a report of a house fire at 2208 w. trade street sent engines5,18,ladder 18 batt1 to the location first in engine 5 reported 2 single story houses on fire and rescue 10 engine 10 responded.the second house was given to engine4 ladder 4.first house fire in the attic and roof the second was on the rear porch and two rooms. both buildings vacant. all units held under control in half hour. saturday saw a house fire on williams road in the mint hill vfd,2 story house heavy fire 2nd floor.assisting mint hill idlewild and matthews vfd.heavy damage to second floor. late saturday night.2208 jenkins set on fire between two apartment buildinds fire in both buildings. more fiire in #4 side engines 11,18,ladder18,batt3 w/f rescue 10 engine 4 2 units damaged.1 hour later 4400 randloph road at randolph place apartments 2 1/2 story wood apartments. first alarm engines 14,19,ladder29, batt4 large number of calls sent rescue 3,engine 3.engine14 ca;;ed for second alarm on arrival fire through roof and spreading all directions. 2nd alarm engines 6,8,16,12, ladder1 batt5.units on scene all day sunday for hotspots.sunday 2500 west blvd. single family in kitchen and on room quick knockdown.engines 10,2,17,ladder2 batt2 rescue 10. 301 s. college street 1 first union tower fire alarm going off. engines 4,1, ladder 4 batt 1.trash fire 14 floor rescue 10 engine 5 to scene for water and smoke removal. fourth fire in this building in a hill,idlewild vfd blair road (area having interstate construction) vacant 1 story house f/i on arrival mint hill idlewild on scene one hour.let building burn out.cooks vfd on mountain island lake drive(remote area) cooks vfd,long creek vfd alexis vfd from gaston county.2 story house heavy fire second floor from fire place. tankers for water supply. building has heavy damage.monday surprises mva pin in eastfeild road at brown road huntersville vfd on scene car into tree driver pinned 20 min. injuries not life threating. drive by shooting in front of station 3.6000 monroe road 2 persons shot close to front doors of station three. engine 3 rescue 3 on scene for number of victims and crowd control. 2 cars hit by flying bullets no drivers injuried.suspect still on run.