charlotte metro area. charlotte city fires.#1 245 bank street engine 10 first in on a 2 story apartment fire top floor.ladder2 quick vent held to unit of orgin and roof.engines 10,2,12 ladder2 rescue 10 batt3.1725 hrs.#2 1805 hrs 1230 state street 2 story wood apartments engine 5 fisrt in heavy fire top floor and showing through roof. vacant unit city housing project.engines 5,18,11 ladder18 rescue 10(called from first fire) batt3.#3 2830 seymore ave engine 17 reports single story house f/i and vacant 3 line out and working all ahnds working.engines 17,30 10,ladder2 rescue 10 3 worker of the day batt3,1940 hrs.
union county and mecklenburg line grenbrook pky 6000 sf house heavy fire through out on arrival of sallings vfd,union county stations bakers,indina for matthews tower 1 engine 2 house is total loss no injuries. 6 hours on scene in frezzing temps.
12/21 #1 2828 commwealth ave engine 8 first in single story house fire in rear into attic engines 8,64,15,ladder 1 rescue 3 batt1 #2 gas line expolsion/fire rea road tree and brush near 2 homes on fire 4 inch main leaking gas and fire.engine 19 first in street closed and all homes cleared.engines 19,9,32,ladder24 rescue3 batt4 car 27 hazmat haz mat ,1,2 under control half hour gas line pinched by hazmat units#3 8550 pleasant grove road.2 story wood house heavy fire top floor engine 33 first in called all hands engines 33,25,21,ladder13 batt3 rescue 10 #4 1818 lee street. engine 10 first in on sigle story house.reports of people trapped.all serches negitive. engines 10,17,13,ladder2 batt3,2, rescue 3 (third worker today) medic unit mva medic 27 enroute to hospital hit by another car.monor damage to medic unit called second unit to transport other injuries.