At 0415 hours on 12/22/00 Durham Firefighters were called for a possible house fire. Enroute Durham 911 advised they were receiving calls for a house fire with smoke and flames visible. First due E-3 found a single story wood frame house with heavy smoke and flames visible. Three rooms were heavily involved upon arrival. Six propane tanks were found in the living room of the house, but none were damaged by the fire. E-3 attacked the fire with SQ-1 conducting a search. L-1 ventilated the roof. The fire was extinguished in 30 minutes, and firefighters remained on scene for two hours overhauling the house. The house sustained heavy damage. The occupant escaped without injury. The following units responded:
E-3 (first due), E-8, E-1, L-1, L-2, SQ-1, Mobile Support 1, and Btn. 1

***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***