A fire on Christmas morning killed one person and injured 3. Smoke could been seen miles away. The first unit on the scene was the assistant chief. Squad 6 was the second unit on the scene followed by Engine 22,Truck 1,engine 23 and 21 Engine 8 and Engine 4 were also on scene. The assistant chief reported heavy smoke and fire on the first floor. Engine 22 pulled a line through the front porch and proceeded to the rear of the building where the fire was. Engine 21,23,Truck1,and squad 6 assisted in ventilation of the house.After pulling the windows out of the porch I went around the back to assist engine 21, and 23 crew. The victim was found on the first floor in the kitchen 10 feet from the door. Engine 23 and squad6 6 along with engine 8 helped remove the victim from the building. After several attemps of trying to resustate the victim the victim was pronouced dead at the scene. The fire was under control in one hour.I saasited with overhaul on the first floor pulling cielings. It was a sad day for all units were back in sevice 3 hours later.