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    Talking Tulsa, OK 1 Alarm Building Fire

    Tulsa, OK
    12/27/00 2000hrs.

    13600 East Apache St. All-State Auto Salvage. The Building! E30 first on scene reports fully involved 40x100 Building. E27, E31, E21, E17, L31 L27 all hands in defence mode. Car 642 Set up Apache Command.

    Building contained 50 gal. drums of diesel fuel.

    20:17 Command requesed Hazmat and addtional Engeine to the Fire Grounds. E01 and Hazmat 1 & 2 responded.

    20:45 Command Place fire under control.


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    Update to earlier post.

    The roof of the building Collapse earlier in the day due to the Snow and Ice. Workmen repairing the roof were using kerosene heater to keep warm. It suspected that the vapors might of started the fire.

    The workmen were able to get out of the building before the Drums exploded.


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