charlotte nc,12/24 a number of arson fires and working fires have kept the area firefighters busy since xmas eve. on 12/24 at 2331 dumpster connected to building at 4901 e. indpendance blvd.1 story 100x200 comm store.engine 3 reports fire in compactor with extention into controled inside by sprinklers.engines 3,14,ladder29 rescue3 batt4.time 2347 6200 e. indpendence blvd goodwill trailers fire set in 2 trailers used for stored goods both f/i on engine 29 arrival full box sent engine 3 tanker29,ladder 29 rescue 3 batt4 (all from first fire) controled in 20 min. 0019 dispatched as trash,extra call states building box sent to 7801#102 creekside dr creekside apts. 3 story wood apartments engine 29 first in reports fire in first floor apartment.started in toy box damage to one unit.e 29,3 19,ladder 29 rescue3 (third working fire in 2 hours) batt4.0120 mva/mci eastway dr at central ave. engine 8 reports car and van 8 persons hurt 5 code 1 3 code 2 engines 8,15,64 ladder1 rescue 3 medic 33,27,4,14,8 ems director (MD) command requests second heavy rescue unit rescue 10 sent 1 dos three tramas sent to cmc 3 to presby.all others to mercy hospital.12/25 brookville road 2 story house box sent for smoke in the building.engine 24 reports fire in 1 room from fire place all units held for search and overhaul.e 24,19,16,ladder24,batt5
mva pin eastfeild at brown rd e31 reports car into tree needs rescue help for 1 person ladder27 rescue 3 sent flight service called for person.half hour to get to person.
12/26 55000 executive park dr marriott hotel 18 story high rise.engine 12 reports fire in storage room second floor.2nd alarm called for searchs first alarm.e 12,20,16,ladder16 batt5 w/f rescue 10 e 2 2nd alarm e 26,1,30,19 ladder2 batt 4 held to room of orgin smoke up three floors. on injuries.9201 unversity city blvd.uncc campus fire alarm in camron building. e 27 reports fire in bio hazzard room requests haz mat teams all persons with drew. sprinklers holding fire.damage to 1 room smoke and water in three e 27,22,15,23,ladder27,23,batt3,2, rescue 3 hazmat 1,2 car 27 haz mat chief.12/26 mint hill fd blair road at I485 construction area lot of vacant homes 1 set on fire f/i on mint hill e 1 arrival idlewild and robinson vfd on scene. total loss.
very long cold spell has kept all area fd's busy with water leaks and smoke calls.
mva rescue 99000 monroe road car down 25 enbankment engine 29 ladder29,rescue 3 batt 4 tow truck needed for support of car person rescued by rescue 3 minor injuries. medic unit accident enroute to hospital. union county hwy 200 at campbell road tractor trailer ran red light hit medic unit both ems persons hurt,paient ok was breathing problems. providence ,bakers,monroe fd on scene.thre union county ems units on scene 12/27 normal day so far