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    Wabash Express
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    Post Durham NC 2+ Commercial Fire

    On 12/31/00 Durham Firefighters were faced with their second multi-alarm fire in less than twenty-four hours. At 1506 Durham Firefighters were dispatched to a possible structure fire at AMF Bowling Lanes at 4508 Chapel Hill Boulevard. First arriving L-11 found a one story bowling alley with heavy smoke visible. Initial box included: E-11, E-5, E-6, L-11, L-2, SQ-2, Mobile Support 1 and Btn. 2. Upon investigation inside heavy fire and smoke was found. The fire was quickly spreading to the roof. The second alarm was sounded and E-1, E-2, E-10, L-1, L-12, SQ-1, Medic 7, EMS Supervisor and Btn. 1 responded. The fire was difficult to contain and E-9, E-14, Lebanon Rehab 23 were special called. At one point 3/4 of the on-duty shift of Durham Firefighters were fighting the blaze. Mutual aid was requested from neighboring departments to move-in and fill empty Durham fire stations across the city. Units remained on scene until 0130 overhauling the structure. Due to the intense heat inside the steel beams in the roof twisted and the building is considered a complete loss. The fire is under investigation. Total units on the call include:
    E-11, E-5, E-6, E-1, E-2, E-10, E-9, E-14, L-1, L-2, L-11, L-12, SQ-1, SQ-2, Mobile Support 1, Medic 7, EMS Supervisor, Lebanon Rehab 23, Btn. 1, and Btn. 2.

    ***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***

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    I believe E-7 was also on scene, at one point, during a short period of time.

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    You're exactly right. I believe the 3rd party info I got was wrong. Someone had mistaken E-5 for E-7 onscene, because of the I.D. in the engine's window.

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