Tulsa, OK
01/01/01 @1100hrs

5800 Charles Page Blvd. E13 arrived on scene with light smoke showing from a vacant single family dwelling. E13 E4 went in as Fire TAC, E2 was FAST Team ,E3 Search & Recue, L2 Vent Car 641 Command.

Crews made quick knock down. There was multiple fires set in the house. Investigators belive this was an Arson fire.

01/01/01 1700hrs

E27 E30 E21 E25 L27 Car 645 was dispatched to 2834 S 137 E Ave Dwelling Fire. E27 E30 & E25 were Fire TAC. E21 was FAST Team. L27 was Vent.

Fire stared in the Chimney and extended into the Attic area near of a 1sty Single Family Dwelling. No one was home at the time of the fire. Fire was brought under control in 10 minutes.