On 01/05/01 Durham Firefighters began their shift with a reported apartment fire at 0755. The fire was reported in building #14 at the Few Gardens housing project. First in E-1 found a two story brick and concrete apartment with heavy smoke showing from the apartment. Initial bystanders told fire crews that everyone was out. As E-1 prepared to advance into the apartment, a hysterical woman ran up and told SQ-1 that two children were trapped in the apartment. SQ-1 and E-3 began an aggressive search of the apartment but no one was inside. Room and contents fire was found downstairs and contained by E-1. The downstairs was heavily damaged by fire and heat. After knockdown neighbors reported that the occupants of that apartment were in the apartment adjacent and were injured. The occupant of the fire apartment stated that she woke up to the fire and could not get downstairs and broke out a window on the second floor and threw her two year old and four year old eighteen feet down to the ground and then jumped herself. All patients were complaining of minor injuries from the fall. All were transported to Duke Medical and are listed in stable condition. When it was reported that children were trapped, Battalion 1 special called E-4 to the scene for manpower. The fire is under investigation. The following units responded:

E-1, E-3, E-8, E-4 (special), L-1, L-2, SQ-1, Btn. 1, Mobile Support 1, and Medic 8.

***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***