On 01/07/01 at 1527 hours Durham Firefighters were dispatched to a reported apartment fire. This is the third apartment fire for station one personnel in two days. Enroute Durham 911 advised units enroute that they were receiving multiple calls. Battalion 1 upon leaving station one gave a size up of heavy smoke visible. First due E-1 reported a two story apartment fully involved. Four handlines were stretched and fire was fought on both floors with aggressive searches done in heavy fire conditions. Battalion 1 special called E-9, and SQ-1 to the scene for manpower. One of the occupants suffered burns to his hands and was transported by Durham Paramedics to Duke Hospital. One firefighter from E-1 received significant second degree burns to his ears and was treated at Durham Regional Hospital. The fire was finally brought under control after a 45 minute battle. Units remainded on scene for over three hours overhauling the stubborn blaze. The apartments were gutted. The fire is under investigation.
The following units responded on the alarm:
E-1, E-2, E-5, E-9 (special), L-1, L-2, SQ-2, SQ-1 (special), Battalion 1, Battalion 2, Mobile Support, on duty safety officer, the on duty fire investigator, Durham Paramedics and Durham Police.

***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***

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