1/7/01 23:15 Ridge FD (Long Island, NY) toned out for a signal 13/35 (working structure fire). Unusual in that we normally need someone on scene to confirm the fire. Turns out the fire, an unoccupied PD (Private Dwelling), was called in by Company 2 FF Jim "Moose" Bledsoe who saw it from his house and was able to give us a heads up as to what we were going to.

IC Chief Stan Lenz
Responding units Engines 1,3 & 7 Rescue 4 & 10, Ambulance 16 & 17, Tanker 5, All Chiefs.
Mutual Aid from Middle Island 1 engine standby at Ridge's headquarters.
All units taken up by 1:15 with the exception of Engine 1 and 2nd Asst Chief Mike Gianmugnai remaining on scene until 05:45 to assist SCPD Arson squad.

Reported by Ex-Capt Ian Wood. Sorry, no pictures. No cameras on truck. (This will be rectified )
Good job guys.

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