On 01/10/01 at 0649 Durham Firefighters were dispatched to a reported apartment fire on Shannon Road behind South Square Mall. First in E-5 reported a two story apartment complex with smoke showing. Fire was found in an upstairs apartment. The fire in the apartment was quickly contained. It was quickly noted that heavy smoke was venting out of the common attic running the length of the complex. Heavy fire was through out the attic. Battalion 1 special called for E-1, and E-2 for manpower. Several holes were cut in the roof by L-1 and the fire was finally contained. Firefighters were hamperd by a poor water source, and long lays from the working hydrants. Parkwood Fire Department was special called for a tanker to respond to the scene. Firefighters remained on the scene for two hours overhauling the structure. The complex sustained heavy damage. One occupant was treated on the scene by Durham Paramedics for burns.The fire in under investigation. The following companies responded:
E-5, E-11, E-6, E-2 (special), E-1 (special), L-1, L-11, SQ-4, Battalion 1, Battalion 2, on duty safety officer,. investigator, Parkwood Tanker 22, and Durham Paramedics.

***These are my own thoughts and do not reflect IAFF L-668 or Durham Fire Department.***