At approximately 0930 on the 1/13/01, units from Dale City, Montclair, and Woodbridge were dispatched to a report of a townhouse fire. An Assistant Chief with Dale City reported seeing a column of smoke just after dispatched which confirmed the working fire.

W17 from Montclair arrived on the scene with fire showing and announced a "second alarm". Units made an aggressive interior attack and primary search. As search could not be done to the second floor due to the instability of the stairwell and second floor collapsing. The exposure townhouse had minimal smoke damage to it. After the fire was under control, commanding officer received information that someone may still be inside. The fire was completely extinguished in about 40 minutes and the recovery mode began. Technical Rescue members from the OWL and Dale City stations began to shore up the second floor and commence the search with the aid of the FEMA dog team. The search proved negative and overhaul commenced.

Units on the box: W17, W13, W10, E18, E12, E02, R10, R02-1, T14, TW12, A10, A17, M52, BATT 7, BATT 5, CHIEF 13, COMMAND 3, AND COLLAPSE 2.

No firefighter injuries were reported.