cherryville nc (gaston county) 5 alarm mill fire. 20 fire depts. on scene of a 2 story 300x250 mill.former textile mill was vacant at time of fire.still had a large stock of yarn inside. glow seen for ten miles.cold master stream operations for six hours.started saturday about 6 pm still ahve hot spots.
charlotte nc 5602 albemarle road crazy buffet resturant.popular dinning spot had fire in rear area of kitchen extending to outside of building. 2 story 70x80 wood frame.2 alarms due to persons in building. fire damaged kitchen and outside up to roof.first call sent engines 3,14,ladder 23 batt4,large number of reports sent engine 23(clearing from another call)15,29 ladder 29 rescue 23,batt1,car 17
overnight arson rash. between 0030 and 0100 11 dumptsers and trash fires set in 6 block area near cherry street. most were behind stores. these fires kept engine1,4,2,ladder1 busy for a while.second time this month a rash of fire like this on the east side.
huntersville vfd. brush closing in on homes. 3 acre brush fire getting close to houses.hunterville,long creek,gilead,mallard creek vfd on scene control of fire near homes still working the brush