At 0340 hrs. engine company 23(Avondale) and New Castle County truck company 19 (Hockessin) were alerted for full department response on a working building fire in the Toughkenamon section of New Garden Twp. First arriving Assistant 23 reported a 50 x100 warehouse type block building w/ heavy fire through the roof,and also requested an additional engine and ambulance on the box. Engine 231 hit the plug and laid in(approx 300ft.) under the command of Chief 23. Quick knock-down and ladderpipe operations contained the fire to the area of origin, placing Box 2354 under control in 40 minutes. The incident is still under investigation with the Chester Fire Marshal's Office.
Chief 23 placed the box in-service @ 0929 hrs.

Responding Units-Eng23-1, Tnkr23, Tnkr 23-2, Amb23, Squad23,Traffic 23, NCCo Tnkr19, NCCo Twr19, NCCo A-19, Eng 22, Eng 24-6, Dlg 24

Fill in- Eng211(Union) to 23 house

At 0720 hrs. with units still operating at the building fire, Chester Fire Communications alerted a second alarm in the district, for a mobile home fire on the 1200 blk of Newark Rd in New Garden. Asst. 23 with 23Lt-A arrived, confirming the report of a mobile home fully involved. With an Aggressive attack, box 2302 was placed under control at 0736 hrs. Units remained on scene completing salvage and overhaul operations until 0904 hrs. The incident is still under investigation with the Chester County Fire Marshal's Office.

Responding Units--Tnkr23,Squad23,Amb23,NCco tnkr 19 from the bldg fire, fill-in Eng 211(Union) from the 23 house

No injuries were report with either incident