Marlborough firegihters responded to a small fire and hazmat incident on the afternoon of April 26th. The incident occured at Sepracor, 33 Locke Drive. Sepracor is a pharmaceutical company that takes takes existing medications and improves them.

The fire began when a vial of borane dimethyl sulfide was dropped in a lab. The chemical, which was flammable and reactive in air. The fire alarm system activated, two lab technicians extinguished the fire and the building was evacuated upon the arrival of the first due companies. There was a strong odor resembling sulfur from the chemical in the building, and the District 3 hazmat team was activated. Hazmat team members took air quality samples from the lab area and theogh the building to make sure that there were no other problems.

Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
Captain Gonzo