On 4/30/01 at 0207 hours 8 units and 16 firefighters from The Daytona Beach
Fire Department responded to 709 Fifth Ave for a reported structure fire. On
arrival Fire Crews found heavy flames and smoke coming from the structure.
Firefighting activities were hampered by a down power line in the front of
the structure. The fire caused $40,000 damage to 709 Fifth Ave, about $2,000
dollar damage to 711 Fifth Ave and about $1,000 dollars damage to 150 Coats
Street. The State Fire Marshal was called in by City Investigators to assist
with the investigation, wittiness stated seeing several persons leaving the
structure just before the fire. The fire is still under investigation by the
State Fire Marshals Office and the Daytona Beach Police and Fire
Departments. The two story structure was not occupied at the time of the
fire but it was reported that only one apartment was rented, out of three
apartments in the structure. No injuries were reported, firefighters had the
fire under control in about an hour. If anyone has any information, they
are request to contact there local Police Dept. or The State Fire Marshals