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    Pittsburghs 3rd district was busy over Sunday June 11th into the morning of the 12th. 8 Engine and Truck responded to 5 working fires in a 24 hour period.

    First a basement fire in Zone 3-9 on Chislett St.
    Then a garage fire in Zone 3-8 on Mayflower St.
    Next a fire in an abandoned home in Zone 3-5 on Edlam way.
    Followed by a fire in an abandoned row in Zone 3-10 on Mellon st.
    Finally at Zone 3-5 on Rosetta st a fire in a single family home where 4 people where found in the home. Possibly a murder suicide, the handicapped grandmother was rescued from 2nd story window by groundladders.

    In addition there was a 5 alarm fire just three days earlier in Zone 3-16, a lumber yard.

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    Sounds like you could have used Wilkinsburg FD there and a ladder tower


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