These fires occurred in Reading over the past week:
----062401: at 0705 hours Box 14, 5th and Spruce streets, AOF 238 S. 6th street. 3 story vacant M.O.R. dwelling, 1st floor rear, fire under control at 0726 hours. Companies assigned: E5,3,1,Sn1,L1,R1,M-3, C-2, E14(safety company)
----062501: 0732 hours box 242, 9th and Spruce streets, AOF 322 S. 10th street. 3 story occupied M.O.R. dwelling, 3rd floor rear, fire under control at 0756. Companies assigned: E13,5,1,Sn1,L1,R1,M-2, C-3 & 6, E3(safety company)
----062601: 0722 hours, box 15, 5th and Bingaman streets, AOF 304 S. 6th street. 2&1/2 story M.O.R. dwelling, 2nd floor, fire under control at 0732. Companies assigned: E5,3,1,Sn1,L1,R1,M-2, C-3 & 6, E14(safety company)