charlotte nc woodlark drive 1 story wood on the stove caught house on fire.victim was bed rifdden and could not escape. great effort by city firefighters to make rescue. house was f/i wife was out shopping and left food cooking. engines 10,2,ladder 2 w/f engine 6 rescue 10 batt2,1,
working fire 8800 rossmore drive(not sure of street name) 2 story housse fire on first floor. fire held to three rooms. good stop,engines 32,24,ladder 24 batt5 w/f engine 9,rescue3 batt4
hickory nc 18 ave north 1 story wood house. f/i on was almost total loss. hickory engines 6,3,1,ladder 1,2, batt1
breaking news myrtla beach sc news reports a number of tronadoes in the city and horry county,reports of building damage no serious injuries at this time. will update later