At aprox 1430 hours Engine Co7(Hollywood) was dispatched for a reported auto fire in a Junk Yard. E72 marked up just after dispatch with the deputy fire chief. Prior to arrival communications advised E72 that they were unsure how many auto's were off and advised they believe that there were several off. From the time E72 left the station they sall a large column of black smoke. E72 advised communications to go ahead and start the tanker from Co7. Chief 7 arrived on the scene to find several cars on fire plus a pile of tires. Chief 7 then called for the next due tanker from Bay District Co9 and the Foam unit from Pax River Naval Base. Once the Foam unit arrived on the scene they were placed in servce and went to work. The units were on the scene aprox 2 hrs.

Chief 7 (Insley) had command
Chief 7B (Albert) had opperations

Units responded
Hollywood E72 and E71
Bay District E91
NAS Fire Department Foam13