Back to back mva's tax Carpentersville, Illinois Firefighters early Saturday morning. The first bell ringer came in at approximately 2311 hours for a single car mva, car vs. tree on a residential side street. Upon arrival there was one confirmed DOS and a 45 muinute extrication to try and free the passenger from the vehilce. Carpentersville was assisted by the East Dundee Fire distrcit and the McHenry, Illinois Flight for Life Medicopter. Through all their hard work and excellent efforts both parties in the vehicle expired. Upon returning at least the engine company to quarters, it was a mere 14 minutes later when the tones rang out again. This time for a mva of unknow type. Upon arrival of the enigne company at the scene all that was visisble was a body in the middle of the road. This was an mva, car vs. pedestrian. The vehicle fled the scene after striking a John Doe and dragging him some 150 feet. He also expired. This was a quite the taxing night for the Carpentersville Fire Dept. But they made it through it thanks largely in part to their great crews and teamwork with surrounding agencies. Excellent job CVFD!