On 07/08/01 at 1740, the Town of East Greenbush Emergency Communications Center received a call for assistance, reporting children injured with very few details. The original caller reported that there was a child at her door reporting two children injured approximately 3/4 of a mile into the woods. The nature and extend of the injuries were unknown. The original dispatch brought an Engine (86), Rescue (R8) and a Chief Officer (Chief of the Department Johnson) from the Clinton Heights Fire Department, as well as an Ambulance (A7) and Rescue (AR5) from the Bruen Rescue Squad under the command of EMS Chief Stevenson. Upon arrival, Chief Johnson organized a six-member rescue team to secure the equipment needed to affect a rescue. Members were transported to the remote area using Chief Johnson’s four-wheel drive vehicle. The second phase of rescuers were brought to the scene using a personal pick-up truck from a member in the area. Upon arrival rescuers found two victims who were involved in a head-on ATV vs. Motorcycle accident. Initial scene size-up revealed one juvenile with critical injuries and one with minor injuries. The critical patient presented with a painful, swollen and deformed left femur, right wrist, and right forearm and was in the initial phases of shock. This patient was immediately packaged and transported to a local Trauma Center by ground ambulance, with a Paramedic Unit on-board. The second patient was transported BLS to the same Trauma Center for pain to his eye and orbit area.

The scene was managed by Chief Johnson of the Clinton Heights Fire Department with the EMS Sector under the watchful eye of EMS Chief John Stevenson. The scene was handled by one Engine, two rescues, two ambulances, and one Paramedic Unit.